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Nacel Australasia Cancellation Policy

Cancellations by the applicant must be provided in writing / email and will take effect from the date received by Nacel Australasia.

Once an application has been received by Nacel Australasia, an invoice for the program deposit of AUD $1000 will be forwarded to the applicant. Payment of the program deposit is to be received by Nacel Australasia within 10 business days of the invoice date.

Once the program deposit has been received, Nacel Australasia will forward a receipt together with a program balance invoice and will receive the Outbound Student Profile Part A, B and C, a link to your Dropbox folder and Dropbox instructions. Applicants are required to upload completed profiles to their Dropbox folder within 4 weeks of receiving them from Nacel Australasia.

Once the Outbound Student Profile has been received, Nacel Australasia will assess this and ensure it is complete. Your application will not proceed until the completed Outbound Student Profile is received. A cancellation fee of $200 will be retained and $800 of the program deposit will be refunded if an applicant cancels after applying and prior to submitting the Outbound Student Profile.

Nacel Australasia will assess the applicants completed Outbound Student Profile together with the partner organisation and if it contains any medical, psychological or physical conditions that may inhibit an applicant’s ability to fully participate in the program, Nacel Australasia will cancel the application and refund the full program deposit to the applicant.

If an applicant cancels after submitting the Outbound Student Profile and up to 31 August 2018, Nacel Australasia will retain $800 and refund $200 of the program deposit and any balance of program fee already paid by the applicant minus any fixed program costs already paid by Nacel Australasia.

Full payment of the program fee is due 31 August 2018. Nacel Australasia reserves the right to cancel any applicant that has not made full payment by this date.

If an applicant cancels between 31 August 2018 to 7 days prior to the program departure date the cancellation fee is 50% of the total program fee.

No refund is made if the applicant cancels within 7 days of the program departure date.

No refund is made if an applicant requests to cancel / depart / withdraw from the program once the applicant has departed Australia.

No refund is made if the applicant fails to depart on the allocated program international / domestic flight.

Host families are solely assessed by Nacel Australasia and their overseas partners for their suitability to host Australian students. Requests made by applicants for gender, dietary, religion, geographical locations, participation in specific hobbies or interests, levels of academic ability or other specific attributes or activities asked or expected of the host family or host school will be considered but in no way guaranteed.

Once a host family placement has been received by the applicant, Nacel Australasia considers this as fulfilling its initial obligation and will continue to facilitate the continuation of the program. Requests to change the host family placement will be considered however not guaranteed. Cancellation by an applicant resulting from the host family placement provided will put into effect the cancellation policy at the time of cancellation received in writing by Nacel Australasia.

Host Family placement will be supplied prior to the applicants’ departure however in exceptional cases can be up to the day prior to the applicants’ departure. Nacel Australasia will make every effort to ensure host family placement details are received by the applicant well in advance of their departure.

In an exceptional case of a host family placement arriving close to the applicants’ departure, Nacel Australasia will update the applicant regularly as to the progress of the host family placement however this is not a case for cancellation and any applicant that cancels due to the host family placement timeframe will have the Nacel Australasia cancellation policy applied to the date of cancellation received in writing by Nacel Australasia.

Once an applicant has departed Australia on a program and in country, all pastoral care and welfare issues remain the responsibility of the partner organisation employed by Nacel Australasia to conduct the program. All partner organisations have met accreditation standards with Nacel Australasia and in their home country. Any decision made by the partner organisation regarding an applicants behaviour, welfare or intervention remains the responsibility of the partner organisation and will be communicated to the applicant and applicants’ family. No refund is made if an applicant cancels and alters program dates, due to a decision made by Nacel Australasia or the partner organisation and will incur any associated costs as a result of this cancellation to be invoiced separately to the applicant.

All applicants will be issued with a probationary warning for minor infractions of the program rules that is submitted to all parties involved at the time with clear notice of action to be taken and the timeframes involved. No refund will be made if an applicant is considered in serious or multiple breach(s) of the Nacel Australasia or partner organisation rules and repatriated as a result.

Each program is dependent upon a minimum number of applicants. If the minimum number of program applicants is not met by 31 August 2018, Nacel Australasia reserves the right to cancel the program and Nacel Australasia will fully refund the program deposit and any balance of program fee already paid.

Nacel Australasia offers to arrange and provide all of the services listed in the program; however, Nacel Australasia is not liable for personal injury or property damage or loss of service caused by the air carrier or other suppliers of any of the services being offered in connection with this program. Airfares are for return international travel and no refunds can be made for unused portions.

Nacel Australasia reserves the right to alter or omit any part of the program or adjust program costs if events beyond Nacel Australasia’s control occur. Any resulting additional costs incurred will be invoiced to the applicant.