Italy Language Programs

ITALY – 6 & 8 WEEK

During November and December, students from around Australia head to Europe to experience the fun of life living with an exchange family while improving their foreign language skills. Students also participate in school with host brothers & sisters and enjoy the traditions and festivity of Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Apply for a Nacel Australasia Short Term Student Exchange Language Program now, and receive a 3 month online language course. Hurry! Offer and applications close 31 August 2018.


Cost:  $7,250 inc GST
Program Dates:
08/12/18 – 20/01/19
Application & Payment Deadline: 31/08/18


Cost:  $7,390 inc GST
Program Dates:
24/11/18 – 20/01/19
Application & Payment Deadline: 31/08/18

For more information on Short Term Programs or for specific questions call our National Toll Free number 1300 735 732 or email:


  • Preparation meeting for students and parents prior to departure
  • Comprehensive travel insurance policy
  • Nacel ‘Link’ app, offering constant communication and all relevant travel information
  • Assisted check-in for all departure cities
  • International economy return flights and taxes
  • Airport collection and domestic transfers to and from host family
  • Local Nacel European coordinators to monitor the program
  • Host family screening and selection
  • Host school confirmation
  • Monitored 24/7 phone support, both in Europe and Australia


Applications received after the closing date are subject to availability of places. Once your completed Outbound Student Profile is received, Nacel Australasia will confirm your acceptance on the program.

International flights booked by Nacel Australasia depart and arrive into Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth only. Travel to / from these capital cities is at the applicants own expense. Any alteration after the application close date may incur airline related fees that will be charged to the applicant.

All program fees are inclusive of GST and listed in AUD and are per student.

Student Criteria For Short Term Programs

Students must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Aged between 14 and 18-years-old
  • A strong interest in learning about and participating in a European culture
  • A high level of motivation to make the most of the immersion program at every opportunity to really improve language skills and cultural awareness
  • Short Term programs — 1 year high school language study
  • An open and flexible attitude to integrating into a new family, school and community