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The experience of being immersed in another culture prepares young people for their future in unique ways, and students who undertake a Nacel program develop increased global competency, higher intercultural sensitivity, and greater fluency in their chosen language. With intercultural understanding being recognised in the Australian Curriculum, and businesses calling out for globally competent and multilingual employees, our programs help equip students for their future academic and professional lives in a unique and life changing way.

SPAIN – Short Term
(Includes International Flights)

6 WEEK $7,290
Program Dates: 08/12/18 – 20/01/19
Application & Payment Deadline: 31/08/18

8 WEEK $7,400
Program Dates: 24/11/18 – 20/01/19
Application & Payment Deadline: 31/08/18

SPAIN – Long Term
(Excludes International Flights)

TERM 2  Program  $8,200
Program Dates: 25/08/18 – 16/12/18
Applications Close: 27/04/18

TERM 3   Program  $8,200
Program Dates: 24/11/18 – 24/03/19
Applications Close: 03/08/18

SEMESTER 2  Program  $10,100
Program Dates: 25/08/18 – 24/02/19
Applications Close: 27/04/18

SEMESTER 3  Program  $10,100
Program Dates: 05/01/19 – 07/07/19
Applications Close: 31/08/18

ACADEMIC YEAR – 10 Months   $12,200
Program Dates: 25/08/18 – 22/06/19
Applications Close: 27/04/18


Applications received after the closing date are subject to availability of places. Confirmation of applications will be notified once all documents have been received by Nacel Australasia.

International flights booked by Nacel Australasia depart and arrive into Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth only. Travel to / from these capital cities is at the applicants own expense.

Any alteration after the application close date may incur airline related fees that will be charged to the applicant.
All program fees are inclusive of GST and listed in AUD.


All long term program applicants have the option of booking their own international economy return flights and meet & greet service at stopovers. Alternatively, Nacel Australasia will make the necessary arrangements with these extra costs added to the published program fee.

Any request to alter the itinerary of an International economy return flight booked by Nacel Australasia after the application close date is subject to approval by Nacel Australasia, administration fee and airline related fees.


• Preparation meeting for students and parents prior to departure

• Comprehensive travel insurance policy
• Nacel ‘Link’ App – constant communication + relevant travel information
• Assisted check-in for all departure cities
• International economy return flights and taxes (Short Term Programs only)
• Airport collection and domestic transfers to and from host family
• Australian chaperones in country for the duration of the program
• Host family screening and selection
• Host school confirmation
• Monitored 24/7 phone support, both in France and Australia
• Local Nacel France coordinators to monitor the program