Nacel Australasia prides itself on its communication and support networks for students, parents, host families and schools.

On-the-ground Nacel chaperones in Europe assist students for the duration of their travel and local Nacel staff assist families hosting international students in Australia.

Nacel’s industry first, communication app called ‘Link’ allows parents, students and Nacel Australasia to maintain real time contact. The app also stores travel information and has a one touch emergency response for students.

During the travel period, schools, students and their families have direct access to Nacel Australasia via a monitored, 24/7 telephone service.

  • Over 60 years experience with student travel means Nacel is ready to act in any situation
  • Provide a 24/7 Emergency Response Team in every country we operate in
  • Proactively monitor groups & students through local Nacel representatives
  • Parents can keep in touch & track students through the Nacel ‘Link’ app, with ‘live’ updates
  • Provide comprehensive travel insurance in every program
  • All key information is communicated direct to parents