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In 1957 two language teachers from France began organising summer sessions in England & Germany for French students. Their goal was to provide opportunities for students to extend language learning and knowledge of another culture through a well-organised and affordable summer program.

The growth of Nacel Australasia over the past 6 decades throughout Europe, the America’s, Canada and Australia has seen almost 2 million young adventurers give themselves a cultural and career advantage. Our organisation derives it’s name from the French word “nacelle,” which is the basket of a hot air balloon as displayed in our logo. Like the balloon explorers of long ago, our participants have a spirit of adventure, are eager to learn about others, and are open to discovering the value of cultural diversity.

By travelling overseas or hosting a student, young people of different nationalities are given the opportunity to become acquainted with another culture, its language, heritage and values.

Nacel Australasia believe the best way to understand another way of life is to be part of a family. When you become part of a family, you have the rare and valuable opportunity of experiencing life from the inside rather than viewing as a tourist.

The language you have learned comes alive as you make new friends, share your culture and discover new things about yourself and the world.

When you return, the benefits include greater self-confidence and a better awareness of the world we share. Your communication skills and personal growth give you a competitive edge in pursuing educational and career goals, and you are better prepared to contribute as a world citizen.

Nacel Australasia traditionally conducts linguistic and cultural programs to accelerate the students’ language skills and develop their cultural awareness. They are true immersion programs as we generally place one student per host family and per school that in turn compels the student to communicate, eat, sleep, and dream in the language of their studies. You will fly with other young Australians and then be escorted to your individual host family for the duration of the program.

English only speakers will face increasing competition for positions in the global marketplace against multilingual applicants with approximately 94 % of the world’s population, or about 6.15 billion people, currently speak a language other than English. In Australia more than 200 different languages are spoken; 16% of our population speaks a language other than English at home.

Why choose Nacel Australasia?

• Over 60 years experience offering quality, language learning programs.
• A professional staff who believe in the principles and benefits of language programs..
• A network of Australian local coordinators who support teachers, students and parents with program information, departure preparation and overseas contact.
• Departures from Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, and Brisbane.
• Groups are met by Nacel Australasia representatives on arrival.
• A strong support network of people abroad always ready to listen and respond to any questions or concerns throughout the Nacel Australasia experience.
• Nacel Australasia handbook and orientation materials, based on years of experience and participant input to help prepare both students and host families for a rewarding exchange.
• Comprehensive travel insurance for all participants.
• A student exchange organisation registered by Education Departments in Australia.

If your child is studying a language and you would like to expand on what they have already learned in the classroom, it may be time to consider sending him or her on a Nacel Australasia language learning program.

On Nacel Australasia language learning programs each student experiences everyday life with a family in Europe while attending high school. By becoming part of another culture and not just a tourist, they get to soak up the language in a unique way, one which they may never have the opportunity to experience again in their adult lives.

Nacel Australasia offers both short & long term programs to Europe in order for students to capitalise on and ‘live’ their language skills. The opportunity to realise the benefits of interacting in another culture on a personal level and the amount of doors potentially opened and mutual respect that this offers is truly unique.

This level of understanding is garnered through exposure to and practice of the language and the willingness to make mistakes with it!