Nacel – 67 Years Of Student Travel Programs

Nacel has been refining the art of international student educational travel programs, for schools and individuals, since 1957, when two language teachers from France began organising summer sessions in England & Germany for French students.

Their goal was simple; to provide opportunities for students to extend language learning and knowledge of another culture, through a well-organised and affordable student educational travel program.

Fast forward six decades, and Nacel’s operations now span across Europe, the Americas, Canada and Australia. Almost 2 million young adventurers have challenged themselves with Nacel student language travel programs and cultural immersions internationally.

The organisation derives its name from the French word “nacelle,” the basket of a hot air balloon. Like past explorers, our participants share the spirit of adventure, are eager to meet new people, and are open to discover new ways through their immersion in diverse cultures.

Nacel believes the best way to understand another way of life is to be part of a family. As part of a family, you have the rare and valuable opportunity of experiencing life from the inside rather than viewing it as a tourist.

On return from their travels, students have a greater self-confidence and a better awareness of the world we share. Improved communication skills and personal growth give students a competitive edge in educational and career goals, and better prepare them to contribute as global citizens.

Nacel traditionally conducts linguistic and cultural student educational travel programs to accelerate the students’ language skills and develop their cultural awareness. They are true immersion programs as we generally place one student per host family and per school, that in turn compels the student to communicate, eat, sleep, and dream in the language of their studies.


Nacel’s international operation manages the welfare and arrangements of more than 30,000 students each year on Nacel student language and cultural student educational travel programs across the world through its companies.