2023/2024 – SHORT TERM




Location: Canada

Max participants: Limited

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Length: 8 Weeks

Type: High School Homestay

Level: Intensive/Non-Academic

Student cultural homestay immersion Canada – during the coldest months of December and January, enjoy an exotic experience in the stunning Canadian Rockies, where everyday life is about snow, skiing, skating, snow-shoeing, tobogganing and all of the winter fun. Beyond the setting, you will live with a Canadian family and attend a Canadian school, which will allow you to discover a new culture, different ways to do things or indeed different ways to think, which will make this experience very enriching, and make you grow as a person. All this in the comfort of your own language.


Check out the cost of our Homestay Immersion in Canada

Program Dates:

Application & Payment Deadline:
5 months before departure

Homestay and High School Matching

  • Students accept to be placed anywhere in Western Canada depending on where the best match is found.
  • The placement is made by matching a student with a family according to various criteria including their common interests, hobbies and activities.
  • The student will be given the chance to go to a Canadian school, and our team in Canada will make the best efforts to find a family with a host sibling (the Canadian student and the participant may not be in the same class). Your family might also be hosting another international student.

School System

Education in Canada is divided into

  • Elementary (Primary School or Public School),
  • followed by Secondary (High School).

Students then carry on their studies in Universities or Colleges. Every Province and Territory manages the Education system within its provincial borders.

The curriculum includes general academic topics such as English/French, History, Mathematics etc … and optional subjects which may vary depending on the school. Canadian school students excel in science, reading, and mathematics: Canadian students have consistently been among the top 5 academic performers in the world and number 1 among English speaking countries according to the OECD PISA studies in reading, mathematics, and science.

Further to the academic excellence, Canadian schools typically provide a nurturing environment for students to reach their highest potential (counselling, academic and professional advisers, community involvement, second language support, special needs learning, tutorial sessions and extracurricular activities).

School typically starts at 8:30 or 9am and ends between 2:30 and 3:30pm, including a lunch break.

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Canada – Short Term Immersion
For more information on Short Term Programs or for specific questions call 00-1-651-315-7880 or email:


Applications received after the closing date are subject to availability of places. Once your completed Outbound Student Profile is received, Nacel will confirm your acceptance on the program.

Please consult us!

Criteria For Short Term Student Cultural Programs

Students must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Aged between 14 and 18-years-old
  • A strong interest in learning about and participating in a different culture
  • A high level of motivation to make the most of the immersion program at every opportunity to really improve language skills and cultural awareness
  • An open and flexible attitude to integrating into a new family, school and community