Nacel prepares tailored School Group Travel programs to suit your school’s specific curriculum, area of interest or sporting needs. We work with you to understand your individual requirements and then prepare a unique itinerary and travel plans for your Group Travel.

School Group Travel programs can be created to cater for as few as 10 students or groups of over 50. With all of our group travel programs teachers travel free, eliminating any costs to the school and keeping teachers focused on their students and the academic benefits of the travel program. Some example Group Travel programs follow.


  • Assign your school a dedicated School Group Travel account manager and administration team
  • Provide all planning, itinerary and destination services and information
  • Book and arrange accommodation, tours and land transport
  • Organise international airfares and domestic transfers for your group
  • Conduct an initial information presentation to parents and students and prior to departure


  • Nacel has over 60 years experience and is equipped to deal with unforeseen events and mobilising staff in emergencies
  • Provide a 24/7 Emergency Response Team in every country we operate in
  • Proactively monitor groups and students through local Nacel representatives


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Group Travel Duration

Can be tailored to any length, 1 week to 1 year.

Group Numbers

From 10 to 100 plus.

Group Programs

  • Nacel group leaders in country
  • School teachers costs inclusive
  • Faculty staff costs inclusive

Program Accommodation

Traditional host family, hostel/hotel accommodation or a combination.

Program Fees

The program fee per student is based on total number of participants, number of escorts, program duration, and optional tours.

Nacel guarantees our price per student, however, third party suppliers pricing is subject to change as we organise group programs up to 12 months in advance.

Optional Tours

Nacel can arrange tours of any duration, which can be incorporated into the program at the beginning, end or as a stand-alone tour.

Group Travel Timeline

  1. The Nacel Group Travel team will contact your institution, to map out your program dates, destinations and tour options.
  2. A proposal will be created from the details in the planner.
  3. You confirm the itinerary.
  4. Students apply directly with you and the program arrangements begin.
  5. Departure