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Nacel Australasia facilitate programs from start to finish with no administration or fees for the school or university, providing a value proposition to your institution.

Tennis in France, basketball in USA, soccer in Spain, equestrian in Germany

Language Learning Programs – high school & homestay language development

Arts – 10 museums throughout France & Italy to follow the masters

University OSHELP programs – continue your degree overseas with government financial support

Special Interest – battlefields in Normandy, French revolution study, Italian cuisine, German architecture, Spanish & French Riviera, Ski program in Swiss Alps and many more

Got a group together – what’s your group journey?

Nacel Australasia offers group travels throughout the world in order for high school and university aged students to experience other counties and cultures through language, sport, art, university and special interest programs.

We facilitate programs from start to finish with no administration and no fees for the school or university, providing a value proposition to add to your institution.

Why Choose Nacel?

• Dedicated Group Travel Account Manager
• Dedicated Group Travel administration team
• Information presentations to parents and students
• Ongoing monitoring of students whilst overseas
• Application assistance for students
• Itinerary planning services and destination based information
• Visa and passport application assistance

• Assistance with special travel needs with suppliers  eg. dietary
• Comprehensive travel insurance available
• All financial transactions with parents
• International Airfares and domestic transfers

Crowd Funding

Nacel Australasia has helped many students and schools with fundraising ideas and crowd funding projects over the years. It’s a great way to involve family and friends in the wider community to support students in making this life changing decision.

Nacel Australasia can facilitate a GoFundMe page on the schools behalf. We will arrange a time to get ‘your school story’, create the page and you’re up and running. Alternatively, you can involve your students and create your own.

Nacel Australasia can manage all administration whilst the students begin to communicate to their community detailing what the program is about, the opportunity it represents to the them and how people can be involved in supporting them by simply following the link provided.

To understand the concept further or create your own, simply follow these steps and in a few minutes, you will be on your way: go to

Marketing your Group Travel

Nacel Australasia want to assist teachers & faculty staff in encouraging students to get excited and participate in your group travel program.

Once we have tailored your itinerary and presented it to your families, Nacel Australasia will provide your institution with a weekly prize, dependent on the amount of time up to your application deadline, to award to students for completing a ‘selfie’ challenge… Creativity and imagination are the key to winning!

Program Duration

Can be tailored to any length, 1 week to 1 year

Group Numbers

From 10 to 1000

Group Programs

• Nacel group leaders in country
• School teachers inclusive
• Faculty staff inclusive

Program Accommodation

Traditional host family, hostel/hotel accommodation or a combination.

Program Fees

The program fee per student is based on total number of participants, number of escorts, program duration, and optional tours.

Nacel Australasia guarantees our price per student however third party suppliers pricing is subject to change as we organise programs such as this up to 12 months in advance.

Optional Tours

Nacel Australasia is able to arrange tours of any duration which can be incorporated into the program at the beginning, end or as a stand-alone tour.

Group Travel Timeline

STEP 1 – One of the Nacel Australasia Group Travel team will contact your institution with our Group Travel Planner, this helps us map out your program including dates, destinations and tour options

A proposal will be created from the details in the planner and sent to you for consideration. Once this draft has been agreed to in principal, Nacel Australasia will send Expressions of Interest (EOI) forms to you to distribute to the students

Once the EOI’s have been received reaching minimum numbers and your institution has confirmed the itinerary, an information session will be arranged for parents and students to explain the details of the program and importantly the support network included

Students apply directly to Nacel Australasia via the website and the program arrangements begin

A preparation meeting is arranged for parents and students prior to departure that provides further details on the program such as contacts, airlines and insurance and much more

Departure – Nacel Australasia will arrange for the group to meet at the airport for group check in and begin monitoring your journey 24/7