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Which countries do you send students to / from?

Nacel Australasia has offices and partners all around the globe, over the years we have sent and received students from; France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Columbia, China, Japan, USA, Canada, Mexico and many more.

How many students travel on these type of programs?

In 2013 over 30,000 students traveled on Nacel programs internationally.  Most students are aged 15 – 17 years old and both male and female students, we open applications to students from Year 9 – 12.

What is the purpose of the programs?

To immerse the student into the language and culture of the country. This is why we send groups of students with our chaperones to the host country but once they arrive, they splinter in different directions to join their host families and attend the high school as we generally place 1 student per family and per school.

Is this a little daunting for the student?

Yes it is at first however without the temptation of speaking the native language with a fellow student(s), it compels the student to eat, drink, sleep and eventually dream in that language. We prepare students prior to departure with this knowledge in mind offering feedback from returned students and how they managed. We also brief the host families at length about the objective of the program.

Is the student enrolled at the school?

Again depending on the length of the program. For short term programs students are not enrolled into the school, they are guests of the school attending classes to expose the enrolled students to another cultural perspective from someone their own age.

Long term students are enrolled in the school through a system managed by the Dept of Education in each state by completing the Acceptance Advice for Secondary Exchange Students (AASES Subclass 571) form. Nacel Australia makes all of these arrangements with the school and the student.

Does the student complete standard enrolment forms?

Yes, both short and long term students may complete all standard enrolment forms from the school prior to arrival. Once received by Nacel Australasia, we will arrange for the student to complete these in their home country and return them to the school.

Do the students require a visa?

This is determined by the length of the program. We have short term and long term programs and all long term programs require students to apply for International Student – exchange student visa. Nacel Australasia has all the details to assist students applying for a visa. All short term programs arrive in their host country on a tourist visa so no extra application is required.

How long are the programs?

Nacel Australia has a variety of lengths to accommodate school holiday periods. Throughout June, July & August each year we have students arriving throughout Australia for 4 and 10 week programs. We also have long term programs that see students arrive for a term, semester or academic year at varying times throughout the year.

For Australian students travelling overseas, we have 4,6,8 & 10 week options over the November, December and January holidays. We also offer term, semester and academic year programs in August and January each year.

Are our programs reciprocal?

No, there is no obligation whatsoever for students that travel overseas on our programs to have to host a student in return or vice versa. This takes the obligation away from either decision that offers families much more flexibility.

Where do the host families come from?

Nacel Australasia will generally establish that a school is open to accepting a student and then we start promoting the idea to the school community. We offer; articles that can be added to the newsletter flyers that can be distributed to students local staff that can present to students about the opportunity at anytime

Any families that express interest are more than welcome to contact us:

National toll free number: 1300 735 732