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High School

The students attend high school to liaise with students of similar age and experience a young person’s perspective within that country. They are not there to be assessed academically however they are to attend classes and complete homework as required. The school system in Europe is traditionally more formally structured than that in Australia and the school day is several hours longer.

The students will be briefed about these differences prior to departing and have a local coordinator allocated to them on arrival, this staff member is responsible for liaising between the school, host family and the student.

Host Family

The families we invite to host our students are all voluntary and are very excited to have a young Australian live with them and interact with their own children. This sharing of cultural differences and understanding is core to Nacel Australasia programs and forges lifelong relationships between the two families.

Australian students complete a profile on their families and themselves, including information about their interests, hobbies and relevant medical and family history. This information is compiled and sent to the host country in order to start the pairing process.

Program Criteria

Age 14 – 18 years old
Short Term programs – one year high school language study
Long Term programs – two years high school language study
An open and flexible attitude to integrating into a new family and school
A strong interest in learning about and participating in the culture of the host country
A level of maturity to accept an immersion program and contribute in the home and community at large
An understanding that the level of improvement in your language skills and cultural awareness is largely based on your motivation to involve yourself at every opportunity